Rungutan - Story Behind The Product

Rungutan is the first API Load Testing SaaS Platform, 100% serverless, API driven, finally available for SMBs. Rungutan helps you simulate workflows to emulate user experience, so it is easier to design workflow-oriented test strategies. With our platform, you will know all the time how many users your platform supports and what to do in case of fluctuations. Most importantly, you will finally be able to test only some segments of the platform, defining the tests exactly for your customers’ behaviour.

Rungutan is created by NETBEARS, an AWS certified company with over 3 years’ experience on the global market. We deliver DevOps-as-a-Service, outstanding customer care and 24/7 availability in terms of customer support and consultancy.

The inspiration for creating our first product, came from our customers’ challenges. We like to make everything simplified, easy to use and re-use and we do not like to waste our time or theirs.

The story of Rungutan begins, as in many other early-stage startups, with a CTO in search of a less time-consuming and more efficient technical Load Testing solution for its clients, when he realized the product he needed did not exist. This was our case as well and that CTO was actually our CTO, Marius, when he decided to build his own Load Testing platform. We started working for Rungutan in September 2019 and after 9 months, we are finally ready for its Official Launch into the world.

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