Load Testing behaviors during times of crisis

Load Testing behaviors during times of crisis

Everyone is offering something these days, in order to help other people or other businesses. Being a startup that is not launched yet, is very hard to contribute with something valuable to the community.

So, here at NETBEARS we decided to offer you useful data instead. In order to do this, we will need your help as well: share with us your Load Testing routine in times of crisis and get our FREE report on this and 1 Month FREE access to our Rungutan Load Testing Platform which is in OPEN BETA version.

We welcome all DevOps, Testers and Developers and PMs to contribute with their responses:

* Rungutan is the first SaaS Load Tesing platform worldwide, which  helps you simulate workflows to emulate user experience, so it's easier to design workflow oriented strategies. User's nature will never surprise you again.

Stay tuned for more news about next month’s Rungutan official launch on our Facebook Page!

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